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I’ve realized this blog unfortunately won’t be able to update as regularly as it used to. Between this and about several other things I’m active with in normal life (video games, school, and now possibly work), I just don’t have time to update sometimes.

This blog is still very much alive and running, of course, but it will probably turn into a weekly or sometimes bi-weekly thing, so just a heads up (or more for those of you who pay attention to ‘inactive blogs’ on your following lists)!

Anywho, I plan on ending the Sayaka toddler M!A next (ran out of doable asks) and resume normally from there! So thanks for being patient and sticking with me! I appreciate all 1872 of you and keep sending in your asks!


—ask-kyousaya mun

displeased-bacon asked:

Hey, was just curious, how did you get your ask page up and running? Then get so many followers?



WELL, I started this blog as Ask-Sayaka-and-Friends in April of 2013. It was one of the main reasons I joined tumblr, I just really wanted to try an ask blog. It was slow at first, my art wasn’t that great and I didn’t have more than 15 followers for a while, but I stuck with it and just kept going.

Over time I improved a lot and gained attention little by little with the occasional popular post that would get about 200 notes or more (its not a lot but to me that was like wOAH). I became friends with other ask blogs that were active at the time and started to interact with them.


Then I made the change to Ask-Kyousaya. By then my art had gotten a lot better and Kyouko and Sayaka became the blog’s focus. After that, I dunno followers just came over time and I kept drawing!

I never expected this blog to get this far, I made it solely to improve and get myself to draw and commit to something. And here we are xD


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