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displeased-bacon asked:

Hey, was just curious, how did you get your ask page up and running? Then get so many followers?



WELL, I started this blog as Ask-Sayaka-and-Friends in April of 2013. It was one of the main reasons I joined tumblr, I just really wanted to try an ask blog. It was slow at first, my art wasn’t that great and I didn’t have more than 15 followers for a while, but I stuck with it and just kept going.

Over time I improved a lot and gained attention little by little with the occasional popular post that would get about 200 notes or more (its not a lot but to me that was like wOAH). I became friends with other ask blogs that were active at the time and started to interact with them.


Then I made the change to Ask-Kyousaya. By then my art had gotten a lot better and Kyouko and Sayaka became the blog’s focus. After that, I dunno followers just came over time and I kept drawing!

I never expected this blog to get this far, I made it solely to improve and get myself to draw and commit to something. And here we are xD


fionapop replied to your post: “Time to Vote!”:
Hair length switch sounds nice, but for one picture, not whole M!A section. My vote goes for Babysitter!Kyouko, but I do suggest that you draw one picture with the hair switch.

hM that’s actually what I’ve been thinking…  a lot of people voting hair switch but I mean what am I gonna do with that?

So I’ll do a little series of doodles for it instead

how’s that

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